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We had been trying to prepare to sell our home in the Parktown area of Milpitas for several months, but had been spinning our wheels for several reasons, mainly being overwhelmed at the entire process. We knew our home was in a desired area, but it was not ready to sell for a maximum profit.

We searched for real estate agents in the area for weeks, and although we knew of several highly regarded agents in the area, Lisa Blaylock’s name kept coming up time and time again as being not only a top seller, but one of the most caring and efficient real estate agents.

We gave her a call and immediately made a connection. We talked about us and what our needs were. We talked about what we needed out of the home, and what we needed to do to prepare for the sale. By the end of the conversation we knew Lisa was our agent.

There were hurdles during the preparation and sales process, but absolutely no surprises. Despite the hot real estate market, our home provided challenges to turn a maximum profit. It was 50 years old, and had gone through 2 additions many years prior to us owning it. It was in need of upgrading and a new paint job. Lisa understood and explained every challenge we would face before the issues came up.

Lisa essentially became a “project manager” for us. She was able to explain where we needed to spend money in preparing the house, and where not to if it would not change the value. She gave us a “to do list”, and even gave us contacts to reputable contractors, painters, etc. We needed this list and her timeline as we are not the most organized folks. Follow her lead, our stress level was greatly reduced.

Once our house was ready for market, again Lisa told us what to expect in terms of a timeline for open house, offers, and the escrow process. Everything she told us was accurate, including the roadblocks like the appraisal. In a hot market, offers are sometimes made that will exceed the appraisal price, and we were no exception. Lisa had warned us early on, and directed me to City Hall in order to secure copies of permitted additions to the home that we would need down the road at appraisal time. We were ready.

The last steps of the sales process were extra stressful, as the buyers, the agents, appraisers, and lenders went back and forth trying to make the deal work. Lisa was in the middle of the process, putting out fires, all the while giving us constant updates as to the status.

As I write this letter this morning, I am waiting for the final phone call to tell me that the sale recorded and funds were transferred to my account.

I can’t stress enough how much Lisa helped us get through this entire process. It was as if she had a crystal ball and could tell us everything that was going to happen in advance. Because of that, we were prepared to face every single issue that came up. Although it was still stressful, having no surprises come up due to her knowledge and communication with us really made it easier to deal with.

I would be remise if I did not mention that one of the reasons for the smooth process had to do with Lisa’s right hand person Suzanne Williams. Suzanne was on top of everything, calling with updates or pushing out and receiving the multitude of documents that went back and forth during the transaction. Together, Lisa and Suzanne made the sale of our home a huge success. Thank you.

Norm and Dee Henry (November 2017)


Thrilled clients, Jeremy and Liz share their experience working with Lisa Blaylock and her team June 2017. 


"Very professional, knows the real estate market very well. Great advice at how to get house ready for selling. Has great support team and vendors to help get the job done at very reasonable price. Very honest, high integrity. Highly recommend Lisa and team!"  Mike and Beverly P.  



Happy client, Stella Cruz shares her experience working with realtor, Lisa Blaylock.


Lisa Blaylock was amazing in her guidance of us through the selling of our home.  She made what could have been a very difficult time for us move along without a hitch.  When there was difficulties with workers preparing our home she intervened and the problems worked out in a timely manner.  She was always checking with in with us to make sure everything was moving along as we expected.  When is came time for her to market our home and do an open house, we were amazed with the 100's of people groups that came through in a matter of one weekend.  She was attentive to ALL potential offers and we ended up with 14 offers on our home from just one weekend.  When I saw how many houses she had closed in the same time period of ours, I couldn't believe that we got so much individual personalized care.  Thank you Lisa!!

The office that Lisa worked in was very professionally run.  The lady that was working at the front desk was quick to get Lisa for us and communicate with us concerning when she would come to see us.  We were also amazed at how well Lisa and her associate worked together in quick communication and seamless results.  They both made it convenient for us to get things signed and ready to move along.  They didn't leave things to chance by just communicating with one of us but contacted both of us.   Robert  and Barbara K.


This review is long over due for this amazing realtor that helped my family out so much. Lisa Blaylock represented our family in the sale of our old home in Fremont, CA back in July of 2016. At that time we came to Lisa, my family was already under a tremendous amount of pressure to sell our house fast. We had a contingent offer accepted on our dream home and now, we had 30 days to prove a sale was pending for our old home, and we had another 30 days to close on that sale, or we were going to lose the house we most wanted. We had to start from ground zero, never before having to go through the process of selling a house. Lisa was a tremendous resource for us. We put our trust into her abilities to get things moving fast and achieve the deadlines we were under. She was able to provide us immediate contractor help. She had a team of people ready to help us maximize the desirability and profitability of our home sale. Within 2 weeks our old house was fixed-up, cleaned-up, staged-up and opened-up to potential buyers. Her market savvy helped us get an offer within 30 days of first talking to her! She outlined, presented and advised us on all of our offers and helped us choose the best one for our needs. We closed within 30 days of accepting the buyers offer. This enabled us move to our new home. Throughout the process, Lisa was the calm in the storm. I guess 30+ years in real estate will bring that type of professionalism with it. I wanted thank Lisa Blaylock personally for all her hard work on my families behalf. I highly recommend Lisa Blaylock to anyone seeking a realtor. I know when the need arises again, I would not hesitate to rely upon her once more to assist my family with our real estate needs." John & Melody K.


“The sale of our duplex was complicated, with problem tenants and extensive dam-age to the property. Lisa sold our property within two weeks of listing, with eight resulting offers… Lisa will go above and beyond what is expected of a realtor. She will coordinate inspections and repairs and work with anyone that is involved with the sale or purchase. She is thorough and she communicates constantly with her clients to keep them updated. Above all, she is honest and has the highest level of integrity.” Rose L.

“I like the way you explain things.” Frank and Rose D.

“I felt you always had my best interests when preparing, processing and completing this transaction. Thank you!” Constance S.

“The buyers made the experience very stressful, but Lisa handled them and their realtor — excellent!” Carey & Pam Z

Patricia and I want to thank you for successfully steering our house and us through the sale... Wow! Your suggestions, staging and vendor suggestions were terrific!
Lisa, we will recommend you wildly wherever we go! Ken & Patricia R



“From the start we knew we could trust Lisa to sell our home. She was very professional and knowledgeable which helped us to relax. Lisa was genuinely kind and caring — we never felt like “just another client”. Thanks for helping us make our dreams come true!” Mike and Mary A.


“Lisa really knows the market and has a lot of experience. I did everything Lisa suggested, and I am convinced that was why my house sold 2 months sooner and for $63,000 more than a comparable house in my neighborhood.” Anonymous


“Working with Lisa was a happy proposition. She kept us informed at all times and was very nice.” Mike and Claudia S.

“Property sold quickly due to Lisa’s research of comparables and recommending a good asking price. Lisa always kept us informed of the progress of our sale. There were four owners of the property and Lisa went out of her way to coordinate signing of documents, etc.” Marlene T.


"As my realtor, Lisa Blaylock was energetic, honest and proactive. She and I spent hours together during which we sipped tea or had lunch as she explained all the ins and outs of the process of selling a house. She truly had my interests foremost in her mind. She skillfully organized the necessary inspections, staging and dealing with potential contractors. Her open house was a great success and generated 7 offers two or three days after the open house. Nine days after the open house Lisa negotiated an offer that was significantly above my asking price and contained no contingencies nine days after the house had been listed. Escrow closed in less than 30 days. She made the process of selling the house that I had called home for 38 years much less stressful and at times even pleasurable. I can recommend Lisa and her team without any reservations." Dr. Judith Oppenheimer


"Lisa was our realtor in 2008 when we sold our house and purchased the town house in Lincoln Village. She expertly guided us through the process in a down market of selling a large house and simultaneously buying the Lincoln Village town house. When it came time to sell the Lincoln Village town house in 2015, we immediately contracted with Lisa to help us with the sale. She again demonstrated a high level of expertise to help us get several excellent financial offers in a very short time." Bruce & Annette Scott


"I would like to recommend Lisa Blaylock if you are selling your home. Lisa is kind, caring and professional. Lisa will answer all your question and explain the process of selling your house. Lisa has sold two of our homes for us, she's the best!"
Virginia Merkley


"I have never met a more honest person than Lisa. Even though the process is stressful, she is with you every step of the way. She explains everything so you un-derstand. One of the best things she does for her clients is when she is explaining the possible fees, she usually lets you know the max amount, so you aren't sur-prised in a bad way. When you do reach escrow, you're happy because fees are either right on or less.I would recommend her to anyone.” Maria Garcia


Lisa always conducted herself and interacted with everyone in a very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous manner. When we had questions, she took the time to answer them completely. She carefully explained the process of home listing, preparation for showing, holding open houses, and reviewing offers from buyers. We never had to wonder "What is happening next?" because Lisa took the time to lead us step by step and kept us informed all the way through. I would use Lisa's services again and have recommended her to friends who are thinking about selling a house. Gary & Brenda Croak



"Lisa did a great job for us in listing and selling our San Jose home. She is very knowledgeable and the process she uses to get your home to market helps keep everything on track. We highly recommend her if you are looking for a realtor.” Jerry and Cindy Carson

"Working with Lisa was an awesome experience! She is an excellent agent !! She kept me informed of everything that was going on during the sale of my mom’s house and was on top of everything !!! Working with Lisa made it easy for me as she handled everything !!! She rocks !!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lisa for making the sale as easy as possible !!!!" Mike Gill

“Lisa was amazing! She has handled two prior houses for me in the past, so she was my first choice when I needed to sell again. Since I needed to relocate out-of-state immediately, Lisa handled everything with my property. I was very comfortable letting her advise me on the best way to sell my home. After one open house weekend, we had multiple offers above our asking price! My house was sold less than a week after we went on the market!” Nils Sedwick